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TTC Over 40 | Day 14: “Just relax and it will happen” – Part I

Weekends are hard for us since we’ve been in our baby-making season. Every weekend for the past 9-10 months, the hubster and I have stayed on the go with family outings, hiking, church, working out and whatever other fun stuff we can squeeze into those fleeting 48 hours between Friday and Monday. There’s barely any time to kick back and cuddle much less get busy in the bedroom making baby number 5! And to keep an air of perpetual intrigue gusting through our TTC journey, my reproductive system defiantly bucks the notion of “there’s just no time”, ramping up my ovaries for ovulation on a Saturday or Sunday. Every. Single. Month.


Despite the inconveniences of what I have aptly named “peak weekends”, we have been extra careful not to stress during our TTC journey. Well, I have been careful not to stress. The hubster is cool and breezy, as always. He’s always relaxed, calm and rational about the details of this journey and he’s certainly enjoying the process. He’s all smiles, rainbows and sprinkles, hugs and rubs and, “chill, babe, we got this…” Ugh. Must be nice.

As for me, after the first month of TTC when I basically lost my mind and began completely obsessing over the process (ovulation testing, symptom spotting, app tracking, message boards, TTC videos, Facebook groups, articles, etc.), I realize it is probably in the best interest of my mental health to just go with the flow…

… which, I must say, sounds good in theory but the reality is that  the chances of getting pregnant outside of the one-week ovulation window are slim to none AND we’re no spring chickens so it’s crucial that we don’t miss our monthly opportunities, which happen to fall on the busiest days of the month for us, every month. But, hey, no pressure.

“Chill, babe, we got this…”

He’s right. We’re thriving. There’s hardly a need to schedule our intimate time or inform him that I’m ovulating. The reasonable expectation is that we keep “baby dancing” (BD) throughout the month and his sperm will inevitably fertilize my egg. Seem legit.

I do have to say that after our second loss I am much more relaxed now than I have been in any previous cycle. We did it, we conceived. Twice in four cycles. And, it will happen again. We’re doing our part. The rest is up to our almighty God.

Trusting God’s process is so important. Understanding that His plan for me (for us) is greater than any plan I can ever imagine is what I cling to when I want to stress and worry. He is my strength and my rock! In Him I shall rest and not be weary. Amen!

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