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TTC Over 40 |Day 30 – 4 weeks pregnant!

Today I am two days “late” for when my cycle was scheduled to arrive. I’m sleepy, restless, anxious (ugh) and oh, so grateful to God for His grace, His blessings, His favor and His love. He is SO GOOD TO ME! We have been trying to conceive our baby for 4 cycles and have succeeded! I trust God. I trust His timing.

(SIDE NOTE: There is a ridiculously irrational and insidious (little) voice in my head that is terrified to truly celebrate our little miracle so it keeps whispering words of doubt, fear and loss into my spirit but I REBUKE these thoughts in the name of Jesus! I REBUKE any such words of the enemy that would seek to steal my joy. Get behind me! My GOD IS A GREAT AND GLORIOUS GOD!)

I scheduled our first doctor’s appointment for July 31st. I’m excited! I will be 6 weeks & 3 days (6w3d) pregnant and beyond ready to see our baby on ultrasound! Thankfully, our practice won’t make us wait until 12 weeks for the ultrasound, which I’ve heard some doctors do. Also, I am considered “high risk” because I’m 44 (in August), so I’m likely going to be referred to maternal fetal medicine. I’m totally OK with that because that means I get more attention and get to see our baby in more ultrasounds. Glory to God!

So, it’s Monday and I have plenty to do for work but all I want to do is sleep. At least 5 times this morning I have lay down to sleep and then jumped right back up because, well, there’s lot to do. I am as focused as my foggy, sleepy mind will permit but would definitely be better off if I slept for another hour or so.

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