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TTC Over 40 | Day 26 – 11 DPO: Yay! Big Fat Positive!

I subscribe to several YouTube TTC channels and, every month, eagerly awaiting the “two week wait”(TWW) videos from the ladies who have yet to conceive. I open up my YouTube app at night, right before prayer, and proceed to live vicariously through “finding out I’m pregnant” and “0-4 weeks pregnancy update” videos that pop up on my feed or in my search. What I notice about many of those videos that I find interesting (and totally worthy of an entire discussion – just not today) is that the majority of these videos are “time delayed”, meaning the women have waited until they are in the second trimester (beginning of 13th week of pregnancy) to post their videos. I totally understand why but more on that in another discussion as well. My purpose here today is simply to share that I tested yesterday and I saw 2 lines! YESSSSSS!

WE. ARE. PREGNANT! God’s favor is immeasurable in my life. His timing is divine! All the glory to God!

As I type this, I’m one day away from what would have been the beginning of my cycle. I am posting this a day late because I didn’t have the time to work on it yesterday due to the debacle we encountered with attempting to get my daughter’s passport from NC to NYC in the same day after the U.S. Passport office screwed up and sent it to the wrong address – the day before her international flight departure. At the present moment, she still doesn’t have it yet. UGH! But, I digress!

As I type this, the hubster still has NO idea we’re pregnant so, of course, I can’t publish this until I tell him but I wanted to have it prepared. My TTC journal has turned into a pregnancy journal and I’m suuuuuuuper duuuuuuuper supity dupity stoked !!!

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