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Cinco Bebe (or How We Decided on TTC Baby #5)

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What do you do when the man you love more than bacon looks at you while you’re sitting in the passenger seat of your car – nerves on edge, heart racing, clenching your teeth because he’s been driving 90+ mph for 2 hours – and calmly asks you to be the mother of his child?

If you’re me, you scan his eyes for that wicked glimmer he has when he’s telling a deadpan joke, you evaluate his tone, searching for his typical sarcasm and then you realize he’s serious so you answer, in a voice mixed with pure love and bubbling excitement, “Umm, ok?!”

Then, of course, fear immediately sets in because you’ve been secretly wanting to hear this question for a while but have been reluctant to bring it up since you had told him you didn’t want any more kids, so you curb your enthusiasm and quickly follow up with, “Are you for real?”, because, well, you never know with this guy…

“Yea, I’m for real.” He chuckles and grins. Big. His smile is infectious. It’s one of the reasons I fell for him so hard and so deeply.

I reply, with enthusiasm and excitement “Okayyyyy!”.

And, so it begins. I’m ready.

I am a mom of 3 sons and 1 daughter. My oldest boys, 24 & 17 years old, have left the nest, returning to our home in Brooklyn, NY, to pursue their dreams. My 16 year old son and 9 year old daughter are thriving young people who keep me busy, though they are pretty self-sufficient. My man has none. He hasn’t wanted to have kids until now. I’m so lucky and blessed that he chose me!

Let’s get this “hump for a bump” party started…!

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